Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme Information

Q Ride Noosa Motorcycle trainingOn 1 July 2009, the Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM) Scheme for learner riders and those holding an RE licence commenced in Queensland. The LAM Scheme allows riders who hold an RE class licence to ride moderately powered motorcycles with an engine capacity up to 660 millilitres (mL) and which do not exceed a power to weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne (Kw/t) and are shown on this list. The following list, which will be adjusted as new models are approved, displays details of all motorcycles that can be ridden by the holder of an RE licence (including learners).

The LAMS change will not affect the way a motorcycle licence is obtained in Queensland – it only affects the range of motorcycles the class RE holders can ride.

Class R licence holders will not be affected by the introduction of the new scheme.
You can see a full list of approved motorcycles for the LAM scheme HERE.

All provisional motorcycle licence holders must display a P-plate. A single P-plate is required at the rear of the motorcycle only, similar to the requirement to display L-plates on motorcycles.

In addition to this, learner riders are no longer able to carry any pillion passengers (including supervisors).

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Getting your licence after completing your two day pre learner course

Getting your licence in Queensland is easy. Simply read "Your Keys to Driving in Queensland" then go into your nearest Queensland Transport office and apply for your Learner RE. You will then take a written test of 30 multiple choice questions. You can practice the questions HERE.

More information on getting your Queensland Transport Motorcycle Licence is available HERE.



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